Return Home Registry


The Irvine Police Department’s Return Home Registry is designed to assist officers in locating lost or wondering persons when they go missing from their family or caregivers. This database provides officers with the vital information they need to assist in locating and reunification of your loved one. The Return Home Registry’s goal is to reunite families as soon as possible.


Once a person has been entered into the Registry it assists from two angles:

  1. If a family member or caregiver notifies the Irvine Police Department when a loved one is gone. The information linked to your loved will already be on-hand to assist the police in locating and reuniting the person to their caregivers.
  2. If an officer observes an individual who appears lost or confused, they can utilize the registry to identify the person and reunite them to their caregivers.

This program does not guarantee the safe return of your loved ones, but it will provide officers with an additional tool to locate and return your loved one.


  1. Download the Return Home Registry form HERE
  2. Complete form, includes basic information and emergency contact
  3. Two current photographs: one close up to the face and one full-body photo
  4. Bring the completed Return Home Registry form and pictures to the Irvine Police Department Front lobby to register your loved one(s) into the system.

For more information about this program, please email