Return Home Registry

The Irvine Police Department’s Return Home Registry is an innovative program designed to assist officers in locating lost or wandering persons when they go missing from their home or caregivers. Because these can be critical times the program assists in getting vital information to law enforcement personnel to assist in locating your loved ones sooner.

This voluntary program is offered at no cost to participants. Caregivers are encouraged to register adults and children that may be unable to communicate important information to officers, such as their name or home address, due to a disability.

Time is critical in these incidents, help us, help you, and your loved ones.

Police Officers frequently respond to calls from citizens with requests for assistance in locating loved ones. This searchable database will provide police officers with the vital information they need to locate and return your family members.

The Return Home Registry will be used in two ways:

A loved one or care giver can notify the police department when they realize that their loved one is gone.  Information such as descriptors and photographs will already be readily available patrol officers, who will have the tools to better locate and return the individual home.

If an officer or other police department personnel observes an individual that appears to be lost or confused, they will have information on hand to quickly identify the individual and connect them to their emergency contact.

This program does not guarantee the safe return of your loved ones, but it will provide officers with an additional tool to locate and return your loved one.

For more information call 949-724-7193 to schedule an appointment or come to the Irvine Police Department Front Desk during normal business hours.


In order to enter your loved one into our Return Home Registry (RHR), we will need some basic information, including: Name, Date of Birth, current address, phone number, identifying descriptors and communication limitations for your loved one.  The name/address/phone number of an emergency contact and a current photograph of your loved one is required for entry into the RHR.  Photos can be brought to the police department or we can facilitate taking a photo during your appointment or at the Front Desk.  If you provide a photograph, we ask for one close up of the face of your loved one, and another full body photograph.