Household Recycling

Recycling at home is an easy way to keep waste out of the landfills and help Irvine reach its goal of Zero Waste.

Some other ways to go Zero Waste include:

Attention: Starting April 1 2023, Irvine residents must recycle their organic waste (food and yard waste) into specific organics carts. Please refer to Senate Bill 1383 & Organics Recycling for more information. Do not place organic waste into your gray lid/blue lid recycling cart.

What goes in my Recycling Cart?


  • Do not use plastic bags, keep the recyclables loose in the cart (exception is shredded paper—place in a clear bag).
  • Make sure items are free from liquids and food residue.

Metal (clean)

  • Aluminum cans OR, take to these locations for cash back (CRV)
  • Empty aerosol cans (must be empty)
  • Hangers
  • Paint cans (must be empty or dry)
  • Tin pie tins; cans from soup, tuna, vegetable, juice, coffee

Plastic (clean)

Paper (clean, dry, unlaminated, unwaxed)

  • Bulk/junk mail, envelopes, and catalogs – OR, opt-out of junk mail for good!
  • Cardboard Boxes (flattened)
  • File folders
  • Mixed paper (printer, color, all types accepted)
  • Newspapers, magazines – OR, use to make wrapping paper and envelopes
  • Paper board cereal boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons, beverage boxes, dry food boxes
  • Paper towels (must be clean and dry)
  • Pizza boxes (no food residue)
  • Shredded paper (must bag before placing in cart)
  • Soft bound books, hard bound books (inside only, no cover) – OR, donate to the Irvine library 
  • Telephone books, directories

Glass (clean)

Visit Waste Management’s website  or call 949-642-1191 for more information regarding:

  • Ordering additional recycling carts at no cost.
  • Billing Including Senior Discount – Download the Senior Discount Application Form
  • Bulky Item Pick-Up
  • Temporary Service (arranging on-call curbside pickup)