Bottle and Can Recycling

can and bottle recycling

As Californians, we are doing a pretty good job at recycling, but every year we’re still trashing more than 6 billion CRV bottles and cans. Watch the video below to learn more!

Recycle your bottles and cans at any of these locations:

Recycle From Home

Tawa 99 Ranch Supermarket Inc.*
5402 Walnut Avenue, Irvine 909-981-8978

Waste Management Recycling Center* 
(Operated by Orange County Conservation Corps)
16122 Construction Circle East, Irvine 714-956-6222 / 949-642-1191

*These locations are organized through the statewide CRV program. The City of Irvine has no affiliation with the CRV reimbursement program. For more information about CRV, please visit CalRecycle

Recycling Center Locations in Irvine:

Larger map of the recycling center stations

These centers provide California Redemption Value (CRV) reimbursement of:

  • Five cents per container for containers less than 24 oz.
  • Ten cents per container for containers 24 oz. or more

Check your bottles and cans to ensure they say “CRV” or “CA Cash Refund.” For a complete list of qualifying products, please click here.