USTA Adult Team Tennis Leagues

Join a tennis league! These adult leagues are all about team spirit, camaraderie, exercise, great fun and competitive matches, and allow people to meet other tennis players through league play.

The USTA League is a program for all recreational players. The USTA uses the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) for determining levels of competition. League matches are set up according to NTRP levels and divisions. To play on a USTA league, players must have a NTRP rating and current USTA membership. To join, go to

Matches are played at various parks, tennis centers and clubs in Irvine and throughout Orange County on Fridays and weekends. Irvine-based teams play home matches out of David Sills Lower Peters Canyon, Heritage Community Park and Woodbridge High School.

If you're looking to join a team or have a group of people you want to be on a team with, please contact Julie Mak at or (714) 296-3760

Each season has a different type of league. The list of leagues throughout the year are listed below.

*Subject to change after 2021*


18 & Older Singles and Doubles (March-June)
18 & Older Mixed Doubles (April-August)
40 & Older Singles and Doubles (May-August)


55 & Older Doubles (June-August)
40 & Older Mixed Doubles (June-September)


18 & Older Doubles (August-December)
18 & Older Tri-Level Doubles (August-November) 
65 & Older Mixed Doubles (August-October)

For more information, email or call 949-724-6400 or 949-724-6617.