Private Lessons

Private lessons allow for an individual experience with a City of Irvine tennis professional. A personal lesson gives players an opportunity to improve their skills at a higher level. Semi private lessons of two people are also available.

The days and times listed on are incorrect. The tennis professional and client will agree upon a time in which the private lesson will take place. Please arrange the time with the instructor prior to registering for the lesson.

Call 949-724-6617 or 949-724-6400 or email to request the contact number for the desired tennis professional or for a recommendation of which tennis professional to take lessons with.

Every tennis professional offers private lessons ranging from $50-$105 per hour.

*teaches at Great Park Tennis Center

Tennis Professional Fee per hour  
Ace Matias* $85 Register
Akhi Nisha Anish* $75 Register
Alex St. Jean $80 Register
Azi Vahdat* $70 Register
Chris Emery $100 Register
Daniel Trinh* $70 Register
Danny Garcia $75 Register
David Izumi $70 Register
Dianne Matias $85 Register
Desiree Tran $80 Register
Farzin Razyani $100 Register
George Wang $90 Register
Hiroki Moriya $95 Register
Isabel Gutierrez-Pedraz* $80 Register
Jacob Bueno* $70 Register
Javier Pezza* $85 Register
John Mano* $70 Register
Jonathan Tran $70 Register
Jon Moody $55 Register
Joseph Emerson* $95 Register
Jovanna Sangria Romero* $70 Register
Juan Naranjo $80 Register
Kevin Garrett* $105 Register
Lanea Holesinsky $80 Register
Mark Espiritu* $80 Register
Matt Yuen* $85 Register
Mike Longanecker* $95 Register
Milad Khatami* $105 Register
Minako Stickney $80 Register
Nic Izumi $65 Register
Nicolette Poulsen $70 Register
Olivier Ngo $80 Register
Rick Jackson $601 Register
Rommel Endozo $70 Register
Ross Holesinsky $80 Register
Ryan Blanchette* $90 Register
Sam Smith* $85 Register
Sophie Han $90 Register
Steve Ho $90 Register
Tin Capulong $90 Register
Vatsal Bajpai* $85 Register