Court Regulations and Map

Tennis Time Limits (includes warm up time):

  • Individual (30 minutes)
  • Practice/Rallying, Singles and Doubles (1 hour)

Pickleball Time Limits (includes warm up time):

  • Individual and Singles (15 minutes)
  • Doubles (30 minutes)

Open courts are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please use the waiting board where available. 

Groups may not camp on a court and monopolize play amongst their group. When others are waiting, all players and group members must vacate the court when the time limit expires. If no one is waiting, you may continue to play until others arrive. 

Tennis courts are for tennis only.  Pickleball courts are for pickleball only. San Carlo and Knollcrest Neighborhood Parks can be used for both tennis and pickleball. Tennis shoes are required. Pets, alcohol, food, sunflower seeds, gum, picnicking, spitting, bicycling, skateboarding, scootering, hoverboarding, rollerblading, hockey, skating, soccer, etc... are not permitted on the courts at any time. 

Do not walk on or behind a court while play is in progress.

It is requested that all individuals cooperate in maintaining maximum cleanliness and tidiness in the tennis court area. Individuals should dispose of their trash (ball cans, plastic bottles, grip tape, etc...) when leaving the court.

City sponsored programs have priority over all other use and requests. Special use of these tennis and pickleball courts requires City of Irvine approval and a valid permit. All unauthorized commercial use (lessons, tournaments, etc...) of City courts is prohibited.

The City of Irvine has 94 public tennis courts and 10 public pickleball courts. 
Map of tennis courts

Six lit courts are located at Portola Springs Community Park.
Four lit hybrid tennis and pickleball courts are located at San Carlo and Knollcrest Neighborhood Parks. Two courts each park.
Five lit hybrid tennis and pickleball courts are located at HeritageLos Olivos, and University Community Parks.

For more information, email or call 949-724-6400 or 949-724-6617.