Facility Maintenance

The City of Irvine boasts an excellent building and facilities maintenance staff of 20 members. Together, they care for the indoor and outdoor maintenance of 116 City sites, including community parks, pump stations, lighting, neighborhood parks, trails, bridges, irrigation pumps, tunnels and special facilities such as the Irvine Civic Center, Child Care Center and the Animal Care Center.

Staff members are skilled in HVAC, playground equipment inspections, painting, carpentry, wood and ceramic flooring, locks, electrical, plumbing, masonry, welding, minor roofing and window repair. Playground equipment is inspected regularly to insure safety and light fixtures are fixed quickly to maintain safe lighting standards.

What the Facility Maintenance department does...

  • Maintains high safety standards on all playground equipment
  • Ensures clean and safe facilities
  • Maintains lighting at parks, trails and athletic fields
  • Responds to Graffiti Hotline calls within 48 hours
  • Maintains the Olympic Pool at Heritage Park
  • Monitors utility usage at all sites to ensure maximum conservation
  • Replaces and repair sports equipment at all athletic fields
  • Monitors quality control for Facility Rehabilitation Projects

It is our goal to respond to all calls within 48 hours.