Public Drainage

The Public Drainage Program is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of City public drainage facilities. The Program's responsibilities include the annual inspection and cleaning of all City storm drains and catch basins, erosion control of slopes along City open channels and other City drainage facilities, cleaning of debris and clearance of drainage systems after storm events and the prevention of standing water issues/concerns in City right-of-way areas.

Even if you live miles from the Pacific Ocean, you may be polluting the ocean without knowing it. Unlike the sewer system, which carries water from your indoor drains to wastewater treatment plants, the storm drain system in Irvine releases untreated water into flood control channels, creeks and ultimately the ocean.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our environment, everyone's help is needed to keep the storm drain system free from harmful pollutants. Please visit the Water Quality page for additional information on things you can do to protect the water in your storm drain system.