Great Park Board

Established on June 24, 2003 by the Irvine City Council, the Orange County Great Park Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Corporation is governed by a five-member Board of Directors consisting of the five sitting City Council members from the City of Irvine.

"The mission of the Orange County Great Park Corporation is to develop and operate, preserve and protect the Orange County Great Park for the benefit and enjoyment of all its visitors, those of today and those in the future.” — Mission Statement

Great Park Board Meetings & Bylaws



Executive Management

Marianna Marysheva

Interim City Manager
Director, Orange County Great Park
City of Irvine

Pamela Baird

Director, Community Services Department
City of Irvine

Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws 

2003: Articles of Incorporation

2003: Original Bylaws of the Corporation 

2003: Resolution Approving Articles of Incorporation and Adopting Bylaws

2004: Amended Articles of Incorporation

2005: Resolution Adopting Corporate Seal and Amending Bylaws 

2008: Resolution Amending Bylaws 

2013: Resolution Amending Bylaws

2015: Resolution Amending Bylaws