Great Park Communities

Discounts and Priority Access to Great Park Amenities

As a resident of Irvine residing in a Great Park community, you already know of the many benefits of living adjacent to one of the largest municipal parks in the country that offers a variety of unique cultural and recreational opportunities.

Did you know that residents of these Great Park Neighborhoods — Beacon Park, Cadence Park, Novel Park, Parasol Park, Pavilion Park, Rise Park, and Solis Park — as well as residents of Altair, receive priority access and discounts from the City of Irvine and select businesses at Great Park amenities and facilities? Residents of these neighborhoods receive these special discounts because they contribute to the Community Facilities District (CFD). CFDs are a source of funding for future development and infrastructure. To learn more about the Great Park and Great Park Neighborhoods CFD, please visit our webpage.

View the information below to learn more about available discounts and priority access to select Great Park amenities.

Discounted Skate Sessions and Events at Great Park Ice

Great Park Ice
The City of Irvine and Great Park Ice offers residents exclusive opportunities to enjoy their neighborhood ice rink. Discounted skate sessions and quarterly private ice skating opportunities are only available for residents residing in Beacon Park, Cadence Park, Novel Park, Parasol Park, Pavilion Park, Rise Park, Solis Park, and Altair.  

Priority Tennis Court Access

man playing tennis
The Great Park Sports Complex has designated one tennis court as a priority access court for residents in the Great Park neighborhoods listed above.

The priority access court will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check in with staff at the tennis complex prior to use. All courts are available
daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

How to Access the Court:

1. Sign up for a account using your home address.
2. The next time you check into the Tennis Center, let staff know you are a resident of one of the above-listed neighborhoods near the Great Park.
3. Staff will verify you by name, and cross-check the address in the City's system.

For more information, call the Tennis Center at 949-724-6400 or email

Wild Rivers Discounted Tickets

Discounted tickets are available for Great Park Residents. You can now purchase tickets for $54.99 for visits up until July 3. Buy the discounted tickets through this link: 


Download Priority Access Flier

Download Tennis Court Reservation Flier