Great Park has a rich foundation as the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, preserves Orange County’s agricultural heritage, and honors its military history. A project area spanning nearly 1,300 acres, with more than 500 acres developed and 300 acres in the first phase planning and design stage, the Great Park embraces recreation, competitive sports, parkland, and the environment.

The City of Irvine is developing an overarching Great Park Framework Plan to secure the park's place among the many great metropolitan parks around the world. Priority projects include a world-class botanic garden and veterans memorial park; a permanent live music amphitheater; rehabilitating existing space to facilitate cultural uses including the Flying Leatherneck air and museum concept, the California Fire Museum, and Pretend City Children's Museum; making needed improvements to the Sports Complex; installing specialty food and beverage options; enhancing the existing Bosque Trail; and focusing on open spaces and a lake feature. View the Great Park Framework Plan here.

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