walking and biking trails

Great Park Trails

The Great Park Trails feature 1.5 miles of walking and biking space throughout the Upper Bee and Bosque area. These trails include decomposed granite pedestrian trails that are 4 feet to 6 feet wide, as well as an 11-foot-wide concrete multiuse trail and bike path. The trails run along Bosque street, from Magnet (north of Great Park Boulevard) to Irvine Boulevard, featuring a kids playground near the Magnet and Bosque intersection. 

The Upper Bee and Bosque landscape serves to link residents and visitors to the dynamic and meaningful seasons of a Southern California native landscape. This local, restored landscape follows the natural cycle of Southern California native habitat. In winter and spring, its abundant growth includes a healthy burst of bird activity, insect life, and flowers in bloom. Following spring, our dry local summer slows plant growth, plants go to seed, and a brown and tan mosaic takes over the landscape and conserves natural resources while awaiting fall.

The Upper Bee and Bosque area that is now open includes:

  • 53 acres of natural landscape;
  • lighted pedestrian and bicycle trails; 
  • trailside shaded benches;
  • a children's playground;
  • connections to neighboring streets;
  • four parking lots;
  • twelve picnic tables and seven barbecues;
  • two restroom buildings and 6 drinking fountains;
  • and three trail undercrossings, so there is no need for visitors to cross busy streets. 

The continuous trail system enables bicyclists and pedestrians to move freely throughout while providing respite areas to enjoy the park setting.

Trail Map

View a map of the Great Park Trails here.