Modified Farmers Market

Please note: As a preventative measure to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and maintain social distancing in keeping with state and federal guidelines, the Great Park Certified Farmers Market will be modified as a drive-through until further notice. Entry to the drive-through route will be along Great Park Boulevard and Sand Canyon Avenue.



Visitors should note the following changes for the Modified Farmers Market:

  • Vendors will be spaced to encourage social distancing and visitors must remain in their vehicles.
  • Drive-through only; no pedestrians or bicycles permitted. 
  • Venmo, bank cards and cash payments only (please bring small bills and change).

Visitors are encouraged to buy only what they need in consideration of others, and to wash all produce purchased. There may be a wait along the route, and drivers are asked to be patient and drive slowly. 

Hours & Directions

The Modified Farmers Market will operate every Sunday, 10 a.m.–2 p.m. until further notice, weather permitting. Admission is free.

The Farmers Market is located in Lot No. 2. Please note the drive-through route recently changed, and all vehicles should enter along Bosque off Hornet. See the map image for more information.

To better facilitate traffic, vendors with packaged products such as kettle corn, bread, nuts and beef jerky will be at the beginning of the drive-through, and vendors with fresh vegetables will be in two lines at the end.


The Great Park Certified Farmers Market is operated by Mary Ann Senske. For vendor details or other information, visit the market on Facebook or Instagram. For questions or to request an application to be a vendor, contact her at 714-733-3167 or