The center is thankful to have the support of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers assist staff in implementing the center’s programs and goals. Volunteers contribute to a variety of important tasks, including keeping the facility clean, helping visitors, providing animal care, and socializing adoptable animals. Areas of service include cat, dog, rabbit, foster care, animal transport, and community events/outreach.


General Volunteer Requirements

To volunteer at the center, one must be:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Able to commit to a weekly, assigned shift in animal care or to at least two foster assignments per year.
  • Available to make a one year commitment.
  • Able to email and use internet well.
  • Able to support staff in meeting the center's Mission and Goals.
  • Not volunteering for a court-mandated reason.
  • Comfortable interacting with people and animals.

Foster Volunteer Additions

Successful foster volunteers also need to provide the following:

  • At least two hours per day to care for the animals, most often for four to six weeks.
  • A quiet and secure place inside the home that is separated from family pets.
  • Ability to transport animals to the center for routine veterinary care.
  • A willingness to implement basic behavior training (provided).
  • Flexibility to accept animals on short notice.

To learn more, visit our Foster Care Program page. ​

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Foster Care Volunteers Needed

Bottle Babies 
The Irvine Animal Care Center is in need of foster caregivers able to open their hearts and homes to our most vulnerable animals.  Orphaned neonates require the around-the-clock care that the mother would normally provide.  Foster volunteers take on these duties for orphaned bottle babies:

  • Bottle feeding every two to three hours, day and night, for up to three weeks.
  • Help going potty and gentle cleaning.

Weaning Babies
Weaning puppies and kittens require the around-the-clock care, but on a schedule that’s less intense than Bottle Babies.  Foster volunteers take on these duties for weaning puppies and kittens:

  • Syringe feeding every four hours for a week or two, as/until the animals transition to eating regular food.
  • Kittens may need initial help learning to use a litterbox.  Puppies this age are too young to be housebroken, but ample potty pads are provided.
  • All weaning babies will need gentle cleaning.

Large Breed Mama Dog with Puppies
The Irvine Animal Care Center is in need of foster caregivers with big dog experience and a comfort level caring for a mama dog that weighs 45-75 lbs. plus her litter of puppies.  A typical litter is 5-8 puppies.

  • Experience and ability to walk a strong dog.
  • Once the puppies begin to wean, space where they eat and sleep plus space for going potty. 

All Foster Care volunteers receive this support from the center:

  • Training
  • Supplies (formula, litter, potty pads, bedding, etc.)
  • Equipment (digital scale, carrier, crate/pen)
  • Veterinary care, including medical treatment if needed
  • Adoption after the animals return to the center

There are no onsite animal care volunteer opportunities at this time. 

To get started as a Foster Care volunteer, send an email to iaccinterestlist@cityofirvine.org.

Looking For Other Volunteer Opportunities?

You may check back periodically or follow our social media channels for future recruitment announcements. If you would like to be notified of the next volunteer recruitment, join our interest list by sending an email to iaccinterestlist@cityofirvine.org. 




Need More Flexibility?

Here are other ways you can help the animals:

  • Collect towels, newspaper, and cardboard paper towel tubes to drop off for the animals during center hours.
  • Make and donate:
    • Cat kennel curtains (requires sewing machine); view instructions here.
    • Crocheted cat toys; view instructions here.
    • Crocheted nests we are collecting for our wildlife rescue partners; download the pattern here
  • Visit our social media outlets at the bottom of this page and share our posts.

For additional volunteer opportunities with the City of Irvine, visit our Volunteer Opportunities web page

Please let us know of your interest by sending an email to iaccinterestlist@cityofirvine.org.

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