Foster Care Program

Animals too young to be spayed/neutered are extremely fragile creatures with relatively low survival rates, especially when separated from their mother. Underage animals are often euthanized in other shelter environments due to insufficient human or financial resources needed to provide them with specialized, around-the-clock care. The Irvine Animal Care Center aims to make a positive impact on this underage animal population and invites the public to join the mission of saving homeless pets by becoming a pet foster parent.

Foster parents provide temporary care for kittens, puppies, and baby rabbits, or animals recovering from a medical procedure, in their own homes. This includes time, energy and a quiet secure space away from any pets you may otherwise have. The Irvine Animal Care Center will provide the training, supplies, food and veterinary care. Fostering can last from a few days to several weeks. The success of programs like Third Chance for Pets, which brings animals in from other shelters where their chances for survival are limited, relies heavily on the number of fosters the center has available. The more foster volunteers supporting the center, the more animals it can help.

Foster Care Requirements:

  • At least 2 hours per day, for up to 9 weeks (special needs animals may require additional time)
  • A quiet and secure place away from other family pets
  • Ability to transport animals to the center for routine vet care
  • Willingness to implement basic behavior training routine (provided)
  • Flexibility to accept animals with minimal notice
  • Desire to make a meaningful impact on a temporary basis

Once an underage animal has reached its mandatory age and weight, and receives a clean bill of health, it will be spayed/neutered and made available for adoption.

If you would like to receive information on upcoming volunteer recruitment opportunities, please submit your email address here.

Donate from Our Wish List

The center accepts donations of milk replacer, kitten nurser bottles, and puppy training pads in support of its Foster Care program. Donate to the Foster Care program from our Amazon wish list and have items shipped directly to the center.