If your pet ever gets away from home, a license tag provides an easy way for the finder to quickly reconnect you with your pet. If your furry family member is a dog, the license tag is also proof that you are doing your part to protect public health by having your animal vaccinated against rabies. All dogs 4 months and older in the City of Irvine are required by law to have and wear a current license tag. (Cat licenses are recommended but not required.)

Licensing your pet is easy:

  • Apply online by clicking the Online Pet Registration button below.
  • Call the Irvine Animal Care Center at 949-724-7740 during operating hours to have forms sent to you by mail.

Online Pet Registration 

Designer Tag Order Form (PDF)

Benefits to licensing your pet include:

  1. A better chance at getting home safely. The license tag includes the center’s phone number. When the finder calls us, we’ll call you. It may be a neighbor just around the corner who’s found your pet. You can pick up Fido or Kitty Cat before they’re brought to the center, saving you time and redemption fees.
  2. Animal Services may give your pet a ride home. An Animal Services Officer who finds your pet in the field can look up your address. When able, the Animal Services Officer will deliver your pet home, saving your pet a stressful visit to the center.
  3. The center will give you more time to reclaim your pet. Center staff will reach out by phone and/or mail to notify you that your pet is on-site.
  4. Accurate contact information for veterinarians who have your pet. A license tag with up-to-date information helps veterinarians easily contact you if your pet becomes injured and in need of medical treatment.
  5. Protection from a deadly disease. Rabies vaccinations are especially important in areas like ours where the potential exposure to rabies is a concern.
  6. Pet license fees help us save lives. Your fees support the hundreds of stray, neglected, and abandoned pets in our care each year.

To purchase a license, you must provide proof of your pet's current rabies vaccination. Please note: Licenses are valid for up to three years of purchase but not beyond the rabies vaccination expiration. If your pet has been spayed or neutered (and we hope it has), you may license it at a reduced rate by providing proof of alteration.

Pet owners older than 62 may license their pets at a reduced rate by providing proof of their age. Pet owners with a permanent disability may license their pets at a reduced rate by providing proof of disability. Click here for proof of disability requirements. Disability-rate licensing is not available through the online portal but can be done by appointment or by mail.

City of Irvine Pet Licensing Rates


1-year license

2-year license

3-year license

Altered dog




Unaltered dog




Altered dog (senior/disability)




Unaltered dog (senior/disability)




Altered cat




Unaltered cat






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