If your pet ever gets lost or goes missing, a license tag provides an easy and effective way for the finder to quickly reconnect you with your pet. California law requires that all dogs four months and older be licensed within the jurisdiction where they reside, and all dogs must wear a current license tag. Cat licenses are recommended but not required.  

The Irvine Animal Care Center has partnered with PetHub to create a pet ID tag that links directly to you, with you in 100% control of what information about your pet is available online. Anyone with a smartphone can scan the QR code and have PetHub call, email, or text you that your pet has been found. Finders without a smartphone will see PetHub’s phone number on the tag and call for the same result.  Your pet’s online profile can include your pet’s medications, vaccine history, or behavior notes, as well as your designated veterinarian and additional emergency contacts if you choose. 

Licensing your pet is easy:

  • Choose ONLINE PET LICENSING or visit the Irvine Animal Care Center during Operating Hours and our customer care team will assist you. Please do not bring your pet to the center. 

What you will need to complete the licensing process:

  • Valid Photo Identification such as a driver’s license.
  • A current rabies vaccination certificate.
  • As applicable, the spay or neuter certificate.
  • As applicable, qualifying documentation for senior/disabled licensing rates.
  • Your address and contact information.
  • Licensing fee


  • You may purchase up to a 3-year license, however, the license will not be valid beyond the rabies vaccination expiration date.  Double-check the vaccine expiration date before selecting the licensing period. 

​Why licensing your pet is important: 

Licensed pets get returned home sooner. Along with microchipping your pet, licensing helps to reunite you and your pet as soon as possible. The license tag is printed with a QR code and a toll-free phone number linked to PetHub. PetHub notifies you with a call, email, and/or text based on your account preferences. When the finder is someone near you, or a City of Irvine Animal Services Officer is close by, you may be able to arrange to pick up your pet from them directly. This helps your pet avoid a trip to the shelter and helps you avoid the shelter fees required to reclaim your pet. 

Licensing helps protect people and pets from the rabies virus. Rabies is a fatal but preventable disease. Licensing verifies that your pet is vaccinated against rabies. 

It helps save lives. Pet license fees support the hundreds of stray, neglected, and abandoned pets in our care each year. 

It’s the law. The State of California and the City of Irvine require all dogs four months of age and older to be licensed and current on their rabies vaccination. Licensing for cats is not required, however it is recommended. 

Licensing Rate Discount Programs:

  • Spayed or neutered pets qualify for a reduced licensing rate. Proof of alteration is required.   
  • Pet owners older than 62 may license their pets at a reduced rate by providing proof of their age.
  • Pet owners with a permanent disability may license their pets at a reduced rate by providing proof of disability. Disability-rate licensing is not available through the online portal but can be done at the center or by mail. 

City of Irvine Pet Licensing Rates


1-year license

2-year license

3-year license

Altered dog




Unaltered dog




Altered dog (senior/disability)




Unaltered dog (senior/disability)




Altered cat




Unaltered cat




Replacement Tag Fee $10
Late Fee $25



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