Project Updates

The City is making safety, customer service, and administration support improvements to the shared site of the Central Bark dog park, City Operations Support Facility, and the Irvine Animal Care Center (near the intersection of Oak Canyon and Valley Oak Drive). The Irvine Animal Care Center portion of the project presented an update at the Community Services Commission at the June 1, 2022 meeting. The project team provided floor plan concepts for the Irvine Animal Care Center to add a modernized clinic, refurbish animal kennel buildings, add customer and animal interaction areas, add a multipurpose room, update administration and reception spaces, and, reconfigured parking.

Below is a four minute depiction of the Animal Care Center project and the update presented to the Community Services Commission.

Irvine Animal Care Center Walk Through

View Irvine Animal Care Center Project Update - June 1, 2022

Next Steps

Work will continue to finalize plans, specifications, and estimates for the Irvine Animal Care Center.

Upon completion of plans, specifications and estimates, presentations will be made to the Community Services, Finance, and Planning Commissions to obtain recommendations for final approval by the City Council. After City Council approval, a formal bidding process will result in construction contractor selection and the Irvine Animal Care Center construction will begin.