Owner Relinquishment

If it is your pet’s behavior that is making things difficult, consult our Resources page for articles to help your dog, cat, rabbit, or small animal be successful in your home. Or, consider using the free websites Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet (dogs and cats) or Home To Home (all species) to find a new home for your pet yourself, rather than bringing them to a shelter.

For Irvine residents who are no longer able to care for their pet(s), the center offers an owner relinquishment service. We require documentation to ensure residency, ownership and other information regarding the animal to ensure we understand the particular situation.

Request Owner Relinquishment

To begin the Owner Relinquishment process, complete the appropriate form below. Forms are reviewed by staff within 24 to 48 business hours, and staff will contact the applicant for follow up.

Owner Relinquishment Form – Dog

Owner Relinquishment Form – Cat

Owner Relinquishment Form – Rabbit

Owner Relinquishment Fees



Licensed with proof of alteration


Licensed without proof of alteration


Unlicensed with proof of alteration


Unlicensed without proof of alteration

Cat / Rabbit


With proof of alteration


Without proof of alteration

Other types of animals


If intake is approved by staff

For additional information or any questions about our process, contact us by phone at 949-724-7740 or at animalcare@cityofirvine.org.