Enhanced Care

The Center occasionally receives animals that have been injured, neglected or need additional medical treatment. The Enhanced Care program funds the treatment these animals need to become healthy and adoptable.

Foster Care

Foster parents provide temporary care for kittens, puppies, and baby rabbits in their own homes. This includes time, energy, and a quiet secure space away from any pets you may otherwise have. The center will provide the training, supplies, food, and equipment that the foster animals need.

Animals too young to be spayed/neutered are extremely fragile creatures with relatively low survival rates, especially when separated from their mother. Shelters, in general, do not have sufficient human or financial resources to provide underage animals with the specialized, focused, around-the-clock care that they require. As a result, underage animals are often euthanized in other shelter environments. The center aims to make a positive impact on this population by placing them in foster care. This is why a robust and hearty foster program is imperative to continuing the mission of saving Irvine’s homeless pets. With you they will be housed, fed, socialized, and cared for, until they reach a weight of two pounds and at least eight weeks of age. A nursing mother will accompany her litter into foster care if they’ve come into the center together. Foster parents bring the animals back in to the center every two weeks for checkups and for early vaccinations. Once an underage animal has reached its mandatory age and weight, and receives a clean bill of health, it will be spayed/neutered and made available for adoption. If you would like to receive information on upcoming foster volunteer recruitment opportunities, please submit your email address here.

Click here to view our Foster Family flier.

Pets for Vets

The City of Irvine is proud to support the Pets for Vets Act, a state law that requires animal shelters to waive cat and dog adoption fees for military veterans. Learn more at

Seniors Helping Seniors

The Seniors Helping Seniors program waives adoption fees for individuals age 62 and older when they adopt a senior animal. The age an animal becomes a senior varies, so adopters can look for a green "senior" stamp on a kennel card to quickly identify the center's senior animals. Click here for more information.

Third Chance for Pets

The Third Chance for Pets program transfers animals from overcrowded shelters where they may have limited chances for adoption, and brings them to the center for a chance at finding their forever home. Over the years the program has expanded to include rescuing animals from hoarders and disaster situations. Since these animals come from outside of Irvine, their care is partially funded through donations. Why the name Third Chance? Their first home was their first chance, the shelter they were brought to was their second chance, and the center is their Third Chance. 


40 Years of Care

In 2022, the Irvine Animal Care Center celebrated 40 years of care. As part of our celebration, we gathered our favorite photos and stories. Visit our 40th Celebration page for more information.