Meet Your Match at the Irvine Animal Care Center

The Irvine Animal Care Center is a proud proponent of ASPCA's Meet Your Match, a nationally known research-based adoption program designed to increase the likelihood that shelter dogs and cats will bond with their new owners. The program has been shown to increase the rate of successful cat and dog adoptions by better pairing animals with the adopter's lifestyle, expectations and home environment.

Meet Your Match assigns color-coded animal personalities – Canine-alities for dogs and Feline-alities for cats – based on the animal's sociability and motivations. Adoptable adult dogs and cats at the Center are labeled with these color-coded icons to provide visitors an easy glimpse into the animal's personality. Look for the Canine-ality or Feline-ality label on kennels at the Center to help in the search for your newest family member.

Meet Your Match Animal Personalities

  • Meet the Canine-alities here.
  • Meet the Feline-alities here

Meet Your Match Compatibility Survey

Potential adopters visiting the Center take a survey that provides insight on what Canine-ality or Feline-ality they might be most compatible with.

Are your weekends jam-packed with hikes, runs and other outdoor adventures? You and a dog with a "Go-Getter" or "Busy Bee" Canine-ality would get along great!
More into relaxing Saturday afternoons of naps and quiet time? Perhaps a "Secret Admirer" or "Love Bug" Feline-ality would be a better match for your lifestyle.

Adopters are not limited to adopting the animal personality they're paired with on the Meet Your Match survey. Center staff use the information to provide guidance and expert advice, with the goal of better facilitating a successful adoption and managing adopters' expectations.

Puppy Wellness

Puppies and kittens at the Center are not part of the Meet Your Match program. Since it is crucial for puppies to be socialized properly, the Center requests all dogs 5 months and younger complete a puppy training class within the first six months of adoption. Learn more about the Puppy Wellness Program here.

For more information on Meet Your Match, call 949-724-7740.