Irvine Animal Care Center Holiday Donation Drive

Your support empowers the Irvine Animal Care Center to care for the pets that need it most. Thanks to your generosity, the center is able to make merry, happy outcomes for pets and other animals in challenging situations through our Enhanced Care, Third Chance for Pets, and Foster Care programs.

Through January 31, 2024, you can donate to our annual Holiday Donation Drive and help make a difference in the lives of pets in need. 

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Every gift, no matter the size, enables the Irvine Animal Care Center to continue its life-saving work. 

2023 Giving Impact

  • Provided homes for more than 13,750 animals through the Third Chance for Pets program since its inception in 1999.
  • Enhanced Care procedures throughout the year:
    • Advanced dermatology treatment for many animals.
    • Dental surgeries for nearly a dozen cats and dogs
    • Treatment for a cat surrendered with a maggot infestation due to severe neglect.
    • Neurological consults.
    • Emergency hernia surgery for a stray kitten.
    • Detox treatment for a kitten exposed to crystal meth.
    • Emergency care for stray neonate in respiratory distress.
  • Quality care and a warm home environment for hundreds of ill, underage, or recovering animals in our Foster Care program this year.

Visit the Donate & Support page to learn how you can continue to help all year long.

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