Parks Master Plan

The City of Irvine's Parks Master Plan was adopted by the City Council on June 13, 2017, following an extensive community engagement process and several public meetings. The Master Plan will help guide the future maintenance, development and operation of the City's parks and recreation system for at least the next 10 years. It highlights opportunities for enhancing the City's exemplary public parks, park facilities and recreation programs to respond to evolving resident needs and expectations. 

The approved Master Plan can be accessed here. View an Executive Summary of the Master Plan here.

For more information about the Parks Master Plan, please contact 949-724-6600.


Prior to the recently adopted Master Plan, public parks were built in accordance with a community parks master plan that was approved in 1988. The 1988 Community Parks Master Plan's stated purpose was to “guide the development of the community parks and recreation facilities through the City’s anticipated build-out, in the year 2020.” With 2020 approaching, many of the assumptions in the 1988 document were no longer applicable.

In January 2015, the City began gathering community input in order to identify current and anticipated public park and recreation needs. Public feedback was gathered via stakeholder interviews, focus group discussions, community intercepts at local parks, random sample telephone surveys, emails to the project team and an interactive mapping survey. In total, responses from approximately 2,100 individuals were collected. A summary of the community engagement process, as well as relevant findings, can be viewed here

To supplement community outreach and to provide a snapshot of the current state of Irvine’s parks and recreational facilities, several technical documents were also prepared:

These documents were used to develop the objectives and recommendations that are provided in the Master Plan document.