Community Services Commission

Irvine residents can take a leadership role in the development of Community Services programs and facilities through participation on the Community Services Commission. Commissioners bring residents' perspective to deliberations on matters ranging from land acquisition to youth diversion, helping assure quality programs and facilities.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes
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Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Purpose: Advises the City Council regarding park, recreational and cultural programs that would be of interest and benefit to the City's resident; advises on the development and improvement of the City's recreational facilities.
Supporting Department: Community Services
Power: Advisory only

Appointments by City Council

Five (5) members at large are appointed by the City Council. Currently, the following individuals serve on the Commission:

  • Chair Kevin Trussell (Appointed by Councilmember Carroll) 
  • Vice Chair Soha Vazirnia (Appointed by Mayor Khan)
  • Commissioner Naz Hamid (Appointed by Vice Mayor Kim)
  • Commissioner Dick Owens (Appointed by Councilmember Kuo)
  • Commissioner Jing Sun (Appointed by Councilmember Agran)

Community Services Commission Duties

  • Park, Recreational and Cultural Facilities
    Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in matters pertaining to the acquisition, capital improvement, rehabilitation and maintenance of parks and recreational, cultural, library and youth facilities.
  • Annual Budget
    Consider the proposed annual budget for the Community Services Department and make recommendations to the City Council and City Manager.
  • Programs and Public Interest
    Recommend policies for the acquisition, development and improvement of land and facilities.
  • Take Direction from City Council
    Perform such other duties or studies as may be directed by the City Council.

Committees Reporting to the Community Services Commission

Other Entities in Community Services' Purview