Uncashed Checks

The City of Irvine maintains a listing of all City-issued accounts payable checks that are at least one year old and have not been cashed. After three years, unclaimed items in excess of $15 must be published once a week, for two consecutive weeks, in a general circulation newspaper. If a claim is not made within the specified time period, the funds are transferred to the City’s general fund in accordance with California Government Code Sections 50050 - 50056. Click here to see a listing of checks that are one to three years old, and have never been cashed, and have not yet been transferred to the City’s general fund.

If you are the legal payee, or a representative of the payee and would like to request a new check, please complete the Stop Payment Request form.

Once the completed Stop Payment Request is received and approved by the Finance Administrator, a new check will be mailed within three weeks.

Questions can be directed to 949-724-6033 or COITreasury@cityofirvine.org.

Click the button below to access the most recent uncashed checks listing.

Uncashed Checks Listing