Community Facilities District and 1913/1915 Act Assessment Districts

Community Facilities Districts, also known as Mello-Roos, and 1913/1915 Act assessment districts are defined areas of the City of Irvine in which property owners have voted to impose special taxes or assessments in order to finance public improvements required in connection with the development of the property within each district.

The City's districts were formed in accordance with the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982 or provisions of the California Streets & Highways Code (1913/1915 Act assessment districts).

The City administers the following districts:

City of Irvine – Community Facilities Districts (CFDs)

Prior Years CFD Reports

City of Irvine – 1913/1915 Assessment Districts

  • Reassessment District No. 85-7 (Spectrums 1, 3 & 4)
  • Assessment District No. 87-8 (Spectrum 5)
  • Assessment District No. 93-14 (Spectrums 6 & 7)
  • Assessment District No. 94-13 (Oak Creek)
  • Assessment District No. 94-15 (Westpark II)
  • Assessment District No. 97-16 (Northwest Irvine/Walnut Village)
  • Assessment District No. 00-18 (Quail Hills/Shady Canyon/Turtle Ridge)
  • Assessment District No. 03-19 (Woodbury)
  • Reassessment District No. 04-20 (Portola Springs)
  • Reassessment District No. 05-21 (Orchard Hills)
  • Assessment District No.  07-22 (Stonegate)
  • Assessment District No. 10-23 (Laguna Altura)
  • Assessment District No. 11-24 (Cypress Village)
  • Assessment District No. 13-25 (Eastwood)

Refunding Bonds

  • Reassessment District No. 12-1 (Multiple districts)
  • Reassessment District No. 13-1 (Multiple districts)
  • Reassessment District No. 15-1 (Multiple districts)
  • Reassessment District No. 15-2 (Multiple districts)
  • Reassessment District No. 19-1 (Multiple districts)
  • Reassessment District No. 21-1 (Multiple districts)

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