Business Planning and Budget

Business Planning and Budget is responsible for producing the City’s biennial budget and the City’s Five-Year Strategic Business Plan. These documents are the "blueprints" used to provide a sound financial framework for all City operations. The budget team is also responsible for regular review of revenues and expenditures to budget estimates, fiscal forecasting, coordination of the City’s land use projections, and evaluation of the fiscal impact of new development. 

Community Budget Meetings

The City of Irvine hosted three community budget meetings March 21–23 to discuss the upcoming fiscal year 2023-25 budget. City staff presented an overview of the budget process through presentations and dialogue and answered budget questions regarding community priorities.

Take our Budget Survey!

If you live or work in Irvine, we invite you to take a brief survey to help identify priorities for the fiscal year 2023-25 budget. Results from the survey will be used, along with feedback from Community Budget Meetings, to help shape our City’s financial plan. 

Budget Survey

Budget Awards

2021-2023 City Budget

2021-23 Adopted Budget

Budget 101 - FY 2021-23

2021-23 Budget in Brief

2021-23 Mid-Cycle Budget Review 

2021-23 Mid-Cycle Budget in Brief

Click here for additional budget information on the FY2021-23.

2019-2021 City Budget

2019-21 Adopted Budget 

Budget 101 2019-2021

2018-2019 City Budget

2018-19 Adopted Budget

2018-19 Adopted Budget in Brief

2017-2018 City Budget

2017-18 Adopted Budget

2017-18 Adopted Budget in Brief

2016-2017 City Budget

2016-17 Adopted Budget

2016-17 Adopted Budget in Brief

2015-2016 City Budget

2015-16 Adopted Budget

2015-16 Adopted Budget in Brief

2014-2015 City Budget

2014-15 Adopted Budget

2014-15 Adopted Budget in Brief

2013-2014 City Budget

2013-2014 Adopted Budget

2013-2014 Adopted Budget in Brief

Prior Year Budgets

Financial Data Online

A Financial Data Online portal has been established as an additional tool to explore the City’s budget.

Budget Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click these links to answer some frequently asked questions (results will open in a new tab or window):

  1. Overall what are the City's Revenues and Expenses?
  2. What is the General Fund total budget?
  3. What revenue sources contribute to the City's General Fund?
  4. What type of expenses does the General Fund pay for?
  5. How does the City divide up the general fund among the City's departments?
  6. How much does the City spend on salaries for all departments and funds?
  7. What is the budget by expense type for the Police Budget?
  8. How much does the Orange County Great Park cost to operate? (Fund 180 Operating Fund)
  9. How much does the Community Services Department spend on its different programs?