Investment Advisory Committee

City Council Resolution 99-27

Oversees the management of the investment portfolio through regular quarterly meetings. The Committee will review investment transactions, discuss economic conditions and strategies regarding the management of the portfolio, and report to individual Council-members on the meetings.

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Purpose: Provide advice to City Council regarding the City’s investments; annually review the City’s Investment Policy; review the City’s Investment Portfolio quarterly; and consult the City Treasurer with insights on investment opportunities.
Supporting Department: Administrative Services Department
Power: Advisory only

Appointments by City Council

Five (5) members at large are appointed by the City Council. Currently, the following individuals serve on the Committee:

Chair Fred Judd
(Appointed by Larry Agran)

Vice Chair Shin Wei
(Appointed by Michael C. Carroll)

Committee Member Brian Chung
(Appointed by Tammy Kim)

Committee Member Vasantha Kandasamy
(Appointed by Dr. Kathleen Treseder)

(Appointed by Farrah N. Khan)