Technology Used to Keep Traffic Flowing

Our Traffic Management Center is staffed Monday through Saturday and most Sundays to monitor traffic during the peak periods, in and around schools, as well as during construction, special events and unexpected incidents. Various devices are used to help facilitate smooth and safe traffic flow. So what are these devices that can be seen across the City?

Vehicle Detection Camera System  

The system is above-ground detection technology that includes cameras looking at each approach of the intersection to detect and differentiate between a vehicle and bicycle (no need to push the bike button). In addition, the video detection cameras allow engineers to view each approach of the intersection. None of the images are recorded.

Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)  

The emergency vehicle preemptor prioritizes emergency vehicles (fire trucks and police cars) through signalized intersections by providing a green wave en-route. The EVP system aims to reduce the travel time for an emergency vehicle while minimizing the impacts of other travelers.

Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV)

The CCTV is a video camera that provides live video feed at an intersection. The system is used by the engineer to pan, tilt and zoom to monitor and observe the flow of traffic in real time. None of the images are recorded.