Electrification 101 Workshop Sparks Engagement

Monday, January 29, 2024

The City of Irvine kicked off the new year in January with an Electrification 101 Workshop, bringing together local contractors, nearly 60 community members, and more than 10 partner organizations — including Cool Irvine, OC Goes Solar, and the Switch is On. The workshop offered valuable resources on electrification technologies and available incentives to residents, and allowed participants to directly interact with both City partners and contractors. Two testimonials, including one from Irvine resident, UCI professor, and Irvine Sustainability Commissioner Steve Allison, shared the benefits of going electric for your health, comfort, and economic value.

The workshop highlighted electrification's importance as a key strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Irvine, which the City is actively incorporating into its Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP). The City has already taken tangible steps to transition to renewable energy by:

  • Installing energy-efficient electric heat pump water heaters in five community facilities.
  • Replacing outdated gas-powered heaters.
  • And implementing a plan for solar panels at Irvine City Hall.

Events such as this Electrification 101 Workshop exemplify Irvine’s commitment to a greener future. Stay involved by attending an upcoming event or signing up for the Environmental Programs newsletter.

Additional Resources

A free web platform that uses modeling and data to deliver custom home energy insights. Use them to get specific energy recommendations about your home, including your carbon footprint and estimated upgrade costs. Learn more at xerohome.com.

Solarize Irvine
In partnership with local nonprofit OC Goes Solar, this program helps Irvine residents learn about solar by providing access to group pricing discounts for solar and battery storage and providing free community workshops and technical assistance. Visit our Solarize Irvine webpage for more information.

Cool Irvine  
Join a neighborhood team, or create one of your own, by joining the Irvine Cool Block Program! Trainings and social events allow neighbors to connect, learn, and take action on sustainability initiatives, from food waste to energy conservation and disaster preparedness.  

Switch is On  
In partnership with the State of California, this program provides support throughout the journey of home electrification. Residents can speak with one-on-one advisors, find vetted contractors, access incentives and rebates and learn about different technologies. Learn more about the Switch is On.

Southern California Edison (SCE) Induction Lending Program  
SCE customers can borrow a tabletop induction range or energy and building measurement tools for free for up to two weeks. See what is available from SCE’s online library to practice before you buy an induction cooktop, pot, pan or even a wok!