Found Cats

Help, I found a lost cat!


Accidents happen! Never assume any animal found running stray is abandoned. Please do your part in trying to find the pet’s owner by filing a Found Animal Report:


If the animal appears sick, injured, and/or poses a safety concern for you and your family, please contact us immediately.

If the pet appears to be healthy, we ask that if you are able to, do the following:

  • If possible, keep the animal in your care. Most lost pets tend to stay near their home. Although we provide excellent care, bringing an animal to the shelter can be very stressful.
  • Scan for a microchip. All veterinary clinics have a microchip scanner and may be willing to scan the pet for a microchip. Make sure you call them first. You may bring the pet to the shelter and we will scan the pet for a microchip to assist you in reuniting the pet with its owner. If you need assistance, please contact the center.

For location, hours, and directions to the Irvine Animal Care Center, click here.

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