Special Needs Housing

** An interest list is currently open for Salerno Apartments, under construction at 501 Nightmist in Cypress Village. The Salerno interest list will be open between Friday, May 1, 2020 and Wednesday, July 15, 2020. Salerno will include 35 extremely-low income units, 34 very-low income units, and 10 low-income units. Some units will be reserved for homeless households, veterans, and households that include a person with a developmental disability. For more information, and to sign up for the interest list online, visit the Irvine Community Land Trust website. You may also join the interest list over the phone by calling 949-565-3547. **​

Some affordable rental communities have set aside units specifically for persons with mental illness and physical and/or developmental disabilities. Usually, persons interested in renting a special needs unit must be referred through one of two local nonprofit organizations. Persons with developmental disabilities must be referred by the Regional Center of Orange County. To learn more about this process, visit the Regional Center’s website or contact their office at 714-796-5100.

Persons with mental illness must be referred through the Orange County Health Care Agency. For additional information, visit the Orange County Health Care Agency website or call 855-625-4657.



Phone Number

Mental Illness


3100 Visions



1000 Crested Bird


Persons with Disabilities

Mariposa Villas

3773 University Drive


Villa Hermosa

14501 Harvard Avenue


Woodbridge Manor

27 Lake Road


Persons with Developmental Disabilities


3100 Visions


Parc Derian

16201 Derian Avenue

714-288-7600 ext. 340


2772 Main Street


 *Also for seniors

Visit the Interactive Affordable Housing Map to locate these buildings. 

Additional Resources

The Orange County Department of Community Services maintains a list of affordable rental properties located around Orange County. Several of those properties have reserved units for residents with special needs. Click here to access the countywide affordable housing list.

Please visit the City’s Disability Services webpage for additional information about special needs programs.