COVID-19 Vaccine Resources


COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Channels 

The following list comprises the options to receive your COVID-19 vaccine in Orange County, Irvine, and our surrounding areas. This page will be updated as more options become known to the City of Irvine. Please pay attention to which website portal to use for registration purposes, as certain sites use particular registration and scheduling systems. 

County of Orange Health Care Agency:

1. Soka University​​

  • Currently dispensing the Pfizer vaccine.
  • Visit to make an appointment. See Othena directions below. 
  • Beginning February 4, the county's Soka University Super POD will be offering in-car vaccinations for eligible individuals with disabilities displaying vehicle placards or license plates at their appointments

2. Disneyland ​

  • The Disneyland Resort Super POD is open today, Wednesday, February 24, to dispense a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine only to those eligible individuals with appointments.
  • The Disneyland site will close on Thursday, February 25, due to forecasted high winds and will reopen on Friday, February 26, weather permitting. People whose second dose appointments were delayed due to the temporary closure of the Disneyland Super POD will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Othena will update their profiles with their second dose appointment information
  • Currently dispensing the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine. 
  • Visit to make an appointment. See Othena directions below. 

3. Anaheim Convention Center

  • Effective February 23, everyone who received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine at the Disneyland Super POD will receive their second dose at a new Super POD at the Anaheim Convention Center. The Anaheim Convention Center Super POD will vaccinate eligible individuals with appointments during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. The Anaheim Convention Center site will only dispense Moderna, first and second doses. 
  • Visit to make an appointment. See Othena directions below.  

4. Mobile Pod Vaccination Sites

  • The County is hosting pop-up mobile clinics to vaccinate vulnerable seniors in critically underserved communities. This outreach effort isn’t intended for the general public, who typically have resources that many communities of color and lower-income do not have available to them. The County is working in collaboration with community partners to support these grassroots efforts to reach seniors close to home and offer more vaccination options for this vulnerable population. Vaccinations at mobile clinics are only available for those in the targeted community and who have scheduled appointments. If you are a senior in Irvine looking to be vaccinated, call the Lakeview Senior Center at 949-724-6900 to be added to a list to be notified of future vaccination events for seniors. No events are scheduled at this time. 

5. Community Health Centers

  • Community health centers and independent pharmacies are serving the vulnerable communities that are disproportionately affected among additional other groups especially hard hit by the pandemic.
  • Families Together of OC is accepting appointments for the COVID-19 Vaccine for Orange County residents, 65 and older. Please call 714-332-6367 to make an appointment. 

You must have an appointment to visit the sites above for your vaccination. See the Othena directions below to learn how to register and schedule an appointment for these sites. 


1. Hoag
2. Kaiser
3. UC Irvine

Visit each website above to learn how to register and schedule a vaccination appointment.

Federal Government:

1. CVS

  • A list of specific stores is available at; appointments may not be available due to limited supply. Advanced registration required on CVS’s website or through the CVS Pharmacy app. Anyone without internet access can call customer service at 800-746-7287.

2. Rite Aid

  • Rite Aid is receiving vaccine allocations from the federal government for pharmacies in California. Visit Rite Aid's website for more information and to register for a vaccine, or call 800-748-3243.

3. Walgreens

  • Walgreens offers an online scheduling and eligibility program to register for updates when appointments are available. For more information visit Walgreen's website, or call 800-925-4733. 

2. Cal Poly Pomona 

  • Cal Poly Pomona has joined the statewide vaccination effort in partnership with a consortium of statewide health organizations. Vaccines are available to eligible individuals who live in the surrounding communities of Pomona. You must have an appointment to receive a vaccine at this site. Visit California's My Turn website to see the current eligibly requirements and information on appointments. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Phase Distribution

With the limited supply of vaccines, the County of Orange is following the State of California’s guidance and framework for fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. See phased approach HERE. The success of the County’s implementation of the phased, tiered vaccination plan depends on everyone being patient and allowing priority groups to be vaccinated first. The County of Orange, with the Orange County Fire Authority, launched ‘Operation Independence’ to help administer COVID-19 vaccinations in the county. An Incident Management Team is working to secure locations and sites where vaccines can be administered to Orange County residents in a phased, tiered approach.

While the County of Orange is actively administering approximately 20% of the vaccines available for Orange County residents and workers through Othena, traditional healthcare providers, including hospitals, pharmacies, and community health centers, have received the other 80% of vaccine doses.

California is in Phase 1A of vaccine distribution, which covers:

  • Phase 1A populations (all tiers)
  • Workers and residents at skilled nursing and congregate living facilities
  • Adults age 65 or older

Under new guidelines from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), vaccine eligibility will also include individuals under Phase 1B (Tier 1). The County will allocate 30% of its vaccine supplies to people eligible under this phase, which includes:

  • Educators
  • Food service
  • Grocery and agriculture workers
  • Child care providers, and; 
  • Emergency services

The Pfizer vaccine is only for those age 16 or older, and the Moderna vaccine is only for those age 18 and older. See CDPH Allocation Guidelines for Phase 1a

Additionally, the Orange County Board of Supervisors established the COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Pilot Program, designed to improve direct access to vaccinations for individuals who live in the hardest-hit communities by the pandemic. Under the Vaccine Equity Pilot Program, the Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) will work with CalOptima to provide direct access to the COVID-19 vaccine to its members and follow the State’s tiered vaccine process through community clinics, private health network systems, and ambulance providers, among others. This program will augment the financial efforts CalOptima is doing to address the ongoing pandemic.

How to Register to be Vaccinated Using Othena

Individuals who live or work in Orange County, CA can register online through to view available appointments and to keep informed with upcoming availability. Othena is a vaccine scheduling system created by CuraPatient, in conjunction with leading health care experts and public health agencies. The Orange County Health Care Agency Hotline can assist seniors or those who are not tech savvy with the registration process. The Hotline number is 714-834-2000.

Step 1: Register on to be placed in a “digital waiting room”
Step 2: Appointment notifications to those in the “digital waiting room” will be prioritized based on factors including age, time of registration, and available vaccine supply
Step 3: Eligible individuals will be notified to schedule an appointment by email or notification through the Othena app; those individuals are advised to regularly monitor their email and the Othena
app for updates

The Othena smartphone app supports both Spanish and English and can be downloaded from or through the Apple store for iPhones. Android device users can download the app through Google Play by visiting

Second Dose Timing & Location 

Othena tracks the date and vaccine type of your first dose to schedule your next appointment and ensure you receive the proper second dose. Your second dose will automatically be assigned following your first dose—you may choose to cancel or reschedule. Please regularly monitor and refresh your email or Othena app profile for appointment updates. Second doses of the Pfizer vaccination are recommended 21 or more days following the first dose and 28 or more days for the Moderna vaccination. Individuals who received their first dose through a neighboring county or through their health system, employer, or other group will receive the second dose from the same source. Do not attempt to schedule through Othena or expect to receive a second dose at a County POD site.

To increase vaccination capacity, effective February 24, everyone who received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine at the Disneyland Super POD will receive their second dose at a new Super POD at the Anaheim Convention Center. While second dose appointment dates and times will remain the same as scheduled for those individuals, they should monitor their profiles on or the Othena smartphone app for updates. The Disneyland Super POD will continue dispensing first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine to those with appointments. The Anaheim Convention Center Super POD will vaccinate eligible individuals with appointments during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days a week.

Vaccine Rescheduling 

When appointments are rescheduled, those eligible individuals who scheduled through Othena will also receive a notification of their rescheduled appointment date through Othena. Please know that appointments cannot be rescheduled through the hotline

How to Volunteer 

In addition, volunteers are needed to assist Orange County government staff with COVID-19 vaccinations at Points of Distribution (POD) sites this year. The County of Orange is looking to establish two teams of volunteers: those willing to serve as medical trained volunteers, and those willing to serve as general support volunteers. For more information, and to register as a volunteer, please visit the volunteer portal at *Please use Google Chrome to access this form. 

Vaccine safety is a Top Priority

COVID-19 vaccines authorized by FDA have been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials. The U.S. vaccine safety system ensures that all vaccines are as safe as possible. Learn how the federal government is working to ensure the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

To ensure the COVID-19 vaccine meets safety requirements, California formed a Scientific Safety Review Workgroup to provide recommendations to California leadership and build public confidence in vaccines. The Workgroup completed their concurrent and thorough review of the federal process and have confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccines authorized by FDA are safe and effective.

If individuals experience an adverse reaction following a vaccination at a County Super POD site, they can report it on their smartphones by providing those details through their profile on the Othena app and also contact their healthcare provider. The Othena app can track and monitor side effect information and report such occurrences to the State. Individuals who did not receive a vaccine through the Othena system and are experiencing an adverse reaction should:
- Contact their doctor, and;
- Report it online to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by visiting and search “V Safe“

Additional Information

  • Physicians in private practice who are uncertain about how they can get a vaccination appointment are encouraged to contact the Orange County Medical Association.
  • For updates on when you can get vaccinated, visit the Orange County Health Care Agency website.
  • If you have additional questions, please call the Orange County Health Care Agency's Vaccine Hotline at 714-834-2000. Individuals who contact the HCA hotline and are unable to speak with a hotline representative may need to leave a message. Staff at the hotline are clearing and returning voice messages throughout each day.

State of California Resources:

Governor Newsom announced that California has opted into the federal COVID-19 Pharmacy Partnership. The program will enable counties to leverage CVS and Walgreens pharmacy staff to administer the vaccine more broadly with pharmacy staff going directly to care facilities. Skilled Nursing Facilities will receive the vaccine from staff from CVS and Walgreens. Approximately 499 nursing homes will be provided vaccine by CVS and 357 by Walgreens.

Orange County Health Care Agency Resources: