Get Involved

The Irvine Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (CAAP) should be reflective of the priorities and values of the Irvine community. Therefore, gaining input from stakeholders throughout the process is a key part of CAAP development. We encourage all Irvine residents and businesses to engage in this critical effort for the planet and conserve Irvine for future generations. Please see the opportunities below to get involved. Check back here for updates.  

Upcoming Events

CAAP Virtual Workshops (Zoom)
Thursday, November 30, 5:30–6:30 p.m.
This CAAP workshop will review goals of Irvine's CAAP, share information on the municipal and community greenhouse gas inventory, and provide a chance for the public to interactively engage with the City and their peers around emissions reductions measures. Registration is required.

Register Here for November 

For more information on all City of Irvine Environmental Program events, visit the Workshops and Webinars page.

Online Community Survey

Our online community survey will help us gather input from the community on potential greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies, mitigation measures, and help us better understand community priorities. Input from the survey will be used in combination with feedback from our public workshops to inform the adaptation and mitigation measures in the draft CAAP.

CAAP Survey - English

CAAP Survey - Arabic

CAAP Survey - Chinese Traditional

CAAP Survey - Chinese Simplified

CAAP Survey - Farsi

CAAP Survey - Japanese

CAAP Survey - Korean

CAAP Survey - Spanish

CAAP Survey - Vietnamese

If you would like to provide more detailed feedback, please visit this link to take a more in-depth survey.

Mobile Workshops

City staff will be attending events throughout the community to provide information about the CAAP and allow additional opportunities for residents to share their input. If you would like staff to present to your organization or event, please reach out to with any questions or to learn more.  


Procedural equity focuses on increasing opportunities for engagement and ownership in decision-making, in all aspects of climate action planning, by the communities that will be disproportionately impacted and most vulnerable to climate change. Equity is a key component of our outreach process, so we are taking steps to ensure we engage with hard-to-reach groups in Irvine. We are connecting with community groups to target communities that are under-represented and may not have been contacted through our general outreach. Additionally, we will offer materials in other languages as we coordinate with groups that may need that option. 

Please reach out to with any questions about our CAAP outreach effort or to learn more. 

Cool Irvine Program 

The CAAP provides a pathway to reduce the City’s municipal and community emissions. In order to achieve our climate goals, taking steps to reduce emissions in our day-to-day lives remains a key component. To this end, we have launched the Cool Block Program to empower residents to take climate action through neighborhood education on environmental issues and Cool Block teams that pledge meaningful actions to reduce household emissions. 

To learn about how you can take steps towards climate action today and be a Cool Block leader in your community, or simply to learn more about the program, please visit the Cool Irvine website.