In 2021, the City of Irvine embarked on developing its first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP). The CAAP will set ambitious but achievable emissions reduction targets for the City and lays out a pathway to achieving our climate goals across both municipal operations and our community. Through thoughtfully planned greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and climate adaptation measures, the CAAP will build upon Irvine’s previous steps towards climate leadership in Orange County to create a truly climate-smart City for the future. 

The Irvine CAAP seeks to: 

  • Guide the City on the implementation of measurable actions to meet or exceed the State’s GHG reduction targets and carbon neutrality goal, as well as the City’s ambitious zero-carbon goals; 
  • Recommend adaptation measures that build resilience to current and future climate threats; and 
  • Emphasize climate goals for the community, establishing an aspirational and achievable path that provides options to realize aggressive emissions reduction targets by 2030, 2035, and 2045. 

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The City of Irvine is developing its CAAP and we want your input! please visit this link to take a survey.