Finance Commission

City Council Resolution 86-65

The City Council recognizes the importance of economic and financial affairs with regard to the proper functioning of the City. High importance is placed on citizen participation provided through a Finance Commission which has expertise in financial management.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Recordings
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Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Recordings

Purpose: Give advice to the City Council regarding the funding of activities and programs; review actual vs. planned revenue and expenditure levels to help ensure efficiency.
Supporting Department: Administrative Services
Power: Advisory only

Appointments by City Council

Five (5) members at large are appointed by the City Council. Currently, the following individuals serve on the Commission:

Chair Don Geller
(Appointed by Larry Agran)

Vice Chair Shareen Young
(Appointed by Michael C. Carroll) 

Commissioner Melinda Liu
(Appointed by Tammy Kim)

Commissioner Jiao Wang
(Appointed by Farrah N. Khan)

Commissioner Max Wang
(Appointed by Dr. Kathleen Treseder)

Finance Commission Duties

  • Advise in Financial Planning and Funding
    Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in matters pertaining to short and long range financial planning and funding for City activities.

  • Review City's Financial Documents
    Review the City's general fund, capital improvement program and special funds budgets, including review of policies and procedures, time frames, format, service deliveries, funding alternatives, and City Council priorities. The emphasis should be on program and/or major expenditures.

  • Review Proposals
    Recommend policies for the acquisition, development and improvement of land and facilities.

  • Fiscal Impact on Major Contracts
    Advise Council of the fiscal impacts of franchise agreements and major contracts.

  • Review Legislation
    Review and make recommendations regarding City support or opposition to proposed state or federal legislation which impacts the City's finances.

  • Review Service Delivery
    Review proposals and make recommendations regarding service delivery alternatives.

  • Take Direction from City Council
    Perform such other duties or studies as may be directed by the City Council.