Financial Assistance

Scholarships for City Classes

The City of Irvine offers a scholarship program to help low-income Irvine residents participate in programs offered through the Community Services Department at a reduced rate. The program has limited funds available. Scholarships are granted on a first-come basis after applications are reviewed and approved. The program may be closed to new applications when funds run low.

Applications to renew current scholarships will be accepted two weeks prior to the expiration date. (Note: Scholarships are valid for one year from issue date.)

Applications are available online at the link below.

Scholarship Application

In order to submit an application, the following must be provided:

  • Proof of Irvine residency (most recent original gas or electric bill, less than 30 days old). No water bills, cable bills, phone bills or school lunch letters will be accepted. No photo copies or computer print out of gas or electric bill will be accepted;
  • A copy of your entire federal tax return for the most recent tax year. Only those individuals included on the tax return are eligible to apply for scholarship funds; (a tax transcript is not applicable.);
  • Copies of the two most recent employment check stubs, less than 30 days old and for each working adult listed on the tax return if paid every two weeks; copies of the two most recent employment stubs, less than 60 days old for each working adult listed on the tax return if paid once a month;
  • A copy of the W-2 from each working adult listed on the tax return. If self-employed, please provide 1099 or Schedule C;
  • A copy of proof of any other income/support received. Please provide most recent award letter indicating monthly disbursement for child support, alimony, cash assistance, Social Security, disability, food assistance, child care assistance, etc. Medi-Cal is not applicable;
  • If you are unemployed, please provide the most recent unemployment benefit letter indicating your weekly unemployment benefits.

Further information may be required to complete your application. Without the above information, your application may be denied.  

For additional information or questions, please call 949-724-6455, email, or view the Approved Scholarship Policy.

Economic Recovery Resources

For a list of other financial assistance resources available, visit our Economic Recovery Resources webpage.