Irvine Shuttle


RIDER ALERT: Due to significant changes in work commute patterns, ridership on iShuttle Route 405F has dropped dramatically. With a cost per boarding that is not sustainable, the City of Irvine will terminate the service beginning July 1, 2022. The last day of service will be June 30, 2022. As an alternative, riders may consider taking iShuttle Route 400A or OCTA Route 472.

Similarly, iShuttle Route E will not return to service. 

The i​Shuttle is operated and managed by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). For information on iShuttle routes, visit the OCTA website

Scroll down and click on "City Bus Connections"

  • Routes 400A and 401B - For Tustin Station to Irvine Business Complex routes.
  • Routes 402C and 403D - For Irvine Station to Spectrum area routes. 

Comments or questions should be directed to OCTA at 714-636-7433, extension 2, or visit