GIS Day 2017 - Discovering Irvine through GIS

The City of Irvine will host its annual GIS Day on Tuesday, Nov. 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Irvine Civic Center. GIS Day provides a forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a positive difference in our society. Stop by the Irvine Civic Center and learn how GIS technology helps users to solve problems and make smarter decisions about space utilization, asset management and maintenance, natural hazards, urban planning, crime analysis, emergency management, traffic density studies, and much, much more.
Irvine’s GIS Day will feature more than 16 exhibitors and four free workshops designed to highlight the most recent trends in GIS technology and uses.

Workshop Schedule: 

10:30 a.m.: BasicGov - Permitting Software
11:30 a.m.: ESRI - Mobile Applications - Workshop full
12:30 p.m.: Lucity - Public Works Data - Workshop full
1:30 p.m.: Panoscan - GeoSlam Laser Mapping

Workshop seating is limited. All workshops are free. 

Workshop Registration

About Workshop Presenters:

  1. BasicGov is pleased to showcase our newly released BasicGov ESRI-GIS Connector product at GIS Day in the City of Irvine. The BasicGov ESRI-GIS Connector is a powerful set of tools that offers a wide range of practical business applications for government, and facilitates bi-directional data synchronization between two industry leading technologies - the ESRI ArcGIS solution and the Salesforce platform. BasicGov will provide a product overview featuring:

    -          Evolution of our MapViewer application - from simple display of spatial information to a fully functioning interface for field users; and, 
    -          How we leverage ESRI layers and widgets, and Salesforce data views to create a comprehensive interactive map interface.

    BasicGov offers a comprehensive COTS solution to address government needs for licensing, permitting, inspections, code enforcement, and land use management.  It is the only comprehensive solution on the Salesforce platform offering governments the ability to automate and streamline operations, cut costs, meet the ever-changing demand for citizen services and evolve into a more open, transparent and collaborative organization.

  2. Esri will present the most recent solutions and trends in GIS for Smart Communities. These new patterns focus on the use of GIS for citizen engagement, and specific initiatives that span multiple departments and even communities. Specific solutions and patterns to be shown will include:
    -          Smart Community initiative templates like Vision Zero, Homelessness, Traffic and more 
    -          Executive apps for city managers and mayors’ office staff
    -          Next generation open data platform
    -          Integration of popular public platforms like Waze with GIS

  3. Lucity’s focus over the last 30 years has been to provide enterprise asset management software (EAMS) to public sector agencies .  During that time, Lucity has developed a client base of nearly 300 Cities, Counties and Special Districts nationwide, with over 50 of those agencies being within California.  The City of Irvine currently utilizes Lucity within the Public Works Department, for various services related to Streets, Traffic and Landscaping.   

    During this workshop, Lucity will be providing an overview of their various asset and work management solutions and how they may be leveraged with the use of Esri GIS both in the office and in the field with the use of mobile devices.

  4. Panoscan offers the GeoSLAM handheld Lidar scanner, for sale and rent, to capture point clouds in real time for many GIS applications. GeoSLAM offers game-changing survey solutions for a wide variety of industries. Utilizing a world-leading Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) algorithm facilitates rapid 3D mobile mapping of enclosed environments without the need for GPS.



BasicGov Cal Poly Pomona
Center for Demographic Research Cal State Fullerton
Cal State Long Beach ESRI
Fuscoe Engineering Irvine Historical Society
Irvine Valley College iWater
Lucity NearMap
Orange Coast College Orange County Fire Authority
Panoscan/GeoSlam Southern California Edison 


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