The City of Irvine Requests Feedback to Update Children, Youth and Families Strategic Plan and Strategic Plan for Seniors

Thursday, March 30, 2023

The City of Irvine is seeking feedback from residents to support efforts in developing a five-year Children, Youth and Families Strategic Plan and a five-year Strategic Plan for Seniors. These plans play a crucial role in the development and implementation of programs, resources, and new opportunities for senior and family communities in Irvine.

Children, Youth and Families Strategic Plan

The City first launched the Children, Youth and Families Strategic Plan in 2002 to better understand and address the needs of families in Irvine. Community engagement plays a pivotal role in helping the City identify opportunities for new, enhanced, and innovative ways to support families in areas such as: child care and school readiness; youth alcohol, substance use, and other risky behavior reduction; and health and wellness. Beginning March 31, Irvine residents are invited to participate in an online survey that will help inform an updated five-year plan that will begin later this year. Residents can take the online survey through April 30 and are also invited to attend in-person outreach events that will be held in the upcoming months. Details, including dates and locations, about the outreach events are available online at

Strategic Plan for Seniors

The City has relied on strategic planning efforts for the creation and delivery of quality programs for older adults, with two previous plans, the Strategic Plan for Senior Services (2012–2017) and the Senior Services Strategic Plan Update (2019–2023). The goal of the Strategic Plan for Seniors is to utilize community input and feedback from the Senior Citizens Council to identify strategies that address the following key priority areas: healthy aging; housing and emergency preparation; social well-being and addressing isolation; marketing and communication; and transportation. The City of Irvine has partnered with a regional nonprofit, Charitable Ventures, to complete the Strategic Planning process for Irvine Senior Services. Irvine residents are invited to participate in the online survey by April 10. Additionally, the City will be hosting several in-person outreach events where Irvine seniors can also provide input and feedback. Details about the outreach events, including dates and locations, are available online at

The City requests resident feedback via survey to help inform these important updates to programming and resources for children, youth, and families, as well as seniors in Irvine. Those interested can take the online surveys by visiting the links provided.

For more information about the Children, Youth and Family Strategic Plan, visit For questions, please contact Ryan Painter at 949-724-6749 or

For more information about the Strategic Plan for Seniors, visit For questions, please contact Sandra Salcedo at 949-724-6356 or