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The Irvine Global Village Festival is Saturday, October 8, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. It will feature a variety of restaurants, artisans, and globally diverse groups representing Irvine's cultural heritage. 

Apply to be a Festival Vendor

Interested in taking part in this year's upcoming Irvine Global Village Festival? Visit our vendor application website here to learn more about all areas of the festival and apply. Or, apply using the buttons below. Potential festival sponsors can learn more about opportunities and apply here.

Vendor Areas Include:

Apply to be a Festival Vendor



Demonstrations include culturally-focused interactive dance, art, and music. The goal is to encourage audience participation and to represent cultures from around the world. These volunteer interactive performances take place on the Demonstration Stage in the Exhibits area of the festival.




The Festival Committee is looking for diverse genres and cultural representation of music and dance groups to perform during the festival. Entertainment performances take place on multiple stages positioned in the festival. Roving entertainers should also apply under this category.




  • This area is for exhibits and displays that reflect a specific cultural group.
  • There is no marketing, sales, political messages or food in this area.
  • Booth displays could include: Art displays, traditional dress, cultural celebrations, history, music, culinary, and religious traditions.
  • The booth fee starts at $210 participate, and the participating organization is required to have a City of Irvine Business License.
  • Exhibitors may request a booth space with either a 10x10, 10x20, or 10x30 canopy pending space availability.
    • Each culture is limited to a total space of 10x30 (three booths).
    • Cultures requesting 10x20 or 10x30 spaces are required to partner with multiple organizations.

Exhibits Application


  • This marketplace area is for local and emerging artists, designers, merchants and crafters showcasing handmade and imported global goods.
  • Due to limited space, only one booth per vendor. No selling of food in this area.
  • The booth fee starts at $350. The participating vendor is required to have a City of Irvine Business License and a California Seller's Permit.




Irvine Global Village Festival proudly presents the Kids Village, where children can participate in interactive activities, crafts, and games for children.
Vendors applying under the Kids Village should have a primary focus such as face painting, balloon art, or crafts. No selling of products/merchandise, food, or marketing of business or organization in this area. Participating vendors are required to have a City of Irvine Business License. For-profit organizations, businesses, and educational institutions wishing to promote their business while providing a children's activity are required to apply as a Kids Village booth activity sponsor.

Kids village application



Demonstrations include many forms of martial arts. The goal is to encourage audience participation and to represent cultures from around the world. These volunteer martial arts performances take place in the Martial Arts Arena of the festival.




This area is for restaurants to provide samples of local and culturally diverse food items. Restaurants are responsible for providing sample-sized portions of food items. Sample servings are to be priced between $3 and $8. The City will provide the plates, bowls and cups for the samples. The booth fee starts at $378. The participating vendor is required to have a City of Irvine Business License and a current Health Department certificate. Food vendors are required to comply with the Orange County Health Department Craven Exemption.



The Festival Committee reviews all applications. The application window is May through August 12. Applications may close prior to August 12 if area is full. Submitting an application does not guarantee your participation in the event. The City of Irvine retains the right to accept or reject applications based on appropriateness, availability, duplication of service and/or culture, and/or other criteria as deemed necessary. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.