Transportation Development Review

Transportation Development Review is responsible for transportation activities and projects as well as comprehensive planning. Current planning activities include reviewing transportation and traffic impacts due to development projects, and reviewing and analyzing other traffic-related capital improvement projects. Transportation Development Review staff coordinate with the Community Development Department, along with the Development Engineering and the Transportation Planning & Project Development Divisions, to provide transportation review of all development applications. This ensures conformity and consistency with all applicable City design and development standards set in the City’s General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and other transportation policy documents.

In providing Transportation Development Review, we:

  • Work closely with the development community (see important documents, guidelines, and procedures below) and the residents to ensure that new developments will not create unmitigated transportation impacts.
  • Review nearly 350 development applications per year. Types of review include but are not limited to, residential subdivisions, commercial/retail centers, office buildings/complexes, churches, industrial buildings, and multi-use developments.
  • Prepare and present staff reports and provide technical support to the Transportation Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council relative to transportation planning issues.
  • Review on-site circulation, pedestrian amenities, vehicular access, driveway locations, vehicle stacking, traffic studies, parking studies, etc.
  • Ensure prior conditions of development are complied with properly.
  • Ensure Zoning Code requirements, General Plan Circulation Element objectives, and established engineering standards are met.

To assist developers and consultants in meeting City of Irvine development requirements, please consult the following documents:

Transportation Development Documents
Section UL
1. Crommelin Methodology
2. Traffic Study Guidelines
3. Transportation Design Procedures
4. Traffic Study Types