Middle School Program

Middle School Children

The City of Irvine recognizes young people as valued and capable members of our community. The goal of the Middle School Program is to engage youth in positive social-recreational activities, on-campus prevention and education campaigns, and character development programs. Youth are encouraged to participate in the development and implementation of programs that focus on community service (Youth Action Team), personal development, and social recreation. Services are provided in cooperation with the Irvine Unified School District.

For a list of upcoming events, visit MSP on Instagram. For information on finding the Middle School Program at your school, visit the Campus Contacts page. 

Teen Camps and Teen Days

Camps and activities for no school days based on the IUSD calendar. 

Youth Action Team

Students initiate, plan, and implement dances, after-school activities, and community service projects focusing on the environment, and youth, senior, and disabled communities.

Sports Sessions

Basic sports programs and leagues to promote health and wellness. Registration required; $32 fee.


Wide variety of programs held after school, usually on campus. Differs by school; see site coordinator.

Youth Conference & Forums

Presentations and discussions to address key issues facing Irvine youth.

Special Events

Supervised, youth-oriented events such as camping trips, golf tournaments, beach bonfires, sporting events, and more.