About the 2/11

2d Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division

About the 2/11

2d Battalion, 11th Marines (2/11) is a 155mm howitzer battalion comprised of: HQ Battery, Battery E 2/11 (Echo Battery), Battery F 2/11 (Fox Battery), Battery G 2/11 (Golf Battery), and K 3/12 (Kilo Battery). Their primary mission is Direct Support to the 5th Marine Regiment in time of conflict. That support may come in the traditional fashion of artillery support to maneuver forces or by providing batteries to serve as provisional rifle companies. 2/11 was the first battalion in the Marine Corps to fully transition three firing batteries to the M777 howitzer. The command has roughly 750 Marines and Sailors assigned to it. The Battalion is currently training and planning for deployment in the Fall 2011.

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Battalion History


Activated At Montierchaume, France as The 2d Battalion, 11th Regiment, 5 November 1918

Relocated To Hampton Roads, Virginia, July – August 1919

Deactivated: 11 August 1919


Reactivated At Quantico, Virginia as The 2d Battalion, 11th Regiment, 9 May 1927

Deployed To Chinandega, Nicaragua, Assigned To The 2d Brigade, May 1927

Participated In Operations Against Rebel Forces May-July 1927

Redesignated As The 2d Separate Battalion, 11th Regiment, 1 July 1927

Redesignated As The 2d Battalion, 11th Regiment

Relocated To San Diego, California, 6 August 1927

Deactivated, 10 September 1927

Reactivated At San Diego, California

As The 2d Battalion, 11th Regiment, 5 January 1928

Deployed To Corinto, Nicaragua, Assigned To The 2d Brigade, January 1928

Deactivated On Board The Uss Henderson While In Enroute To The Us, 20 August 1929


Reactivated At Guantanamo, Cuba

As The 2d Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Brigade, 1 January 1941

1st Brigade Redesignated as The 1st Marine Division, 1 February 1941

Relocated To Parris Island, South Carolina, April 1941

Deployed To Wellington, New Zealand, June 1942

Participated In The Following World War II Campaigns:

Guadalcanal, Eastern New Guinea, New Britain

Redeployed To Tientsin, China, September 1945

Participated In The Occupation Of North China, September 1945 – December 1946

Redeployed to Guam

Reassigned To Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, January – February 1947

Relocated to Camp Pendleton, California

Reassigned To The 3d Marine Brigade, April – May 1947

11th Marines Reassigned To The 1st Marine Division, July 1947

Relocated To Barstow, California, August 1947

Deactivated, 30 September 1947


Reactivated At Camp Pendleton, California

As The 2d Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division, 7 August 1950

Deployed To Kobe, Japan, August – September 1950

Participated In The Korean War, September 1950 – July 1953

Operating From: Inchon-Seoul, Chosin Reservoir, East Central Front, Western Front

Participated In The Defense Of The Korean Demilitarized Zone, July 1953 – March 1955

Relocated To Camp Pendleton, California, March 1955

Deployed To Camp Hansen, Okinawa, February – March 1966

Redeployed To The Republic Of Vietnam, May 1966

Participated In The War In Vietnam, May 1966 – March 1971, Operating From: Chu La, Tam Ky, Hue/Phu, Bai Thon, Bach Thach,Cao Doi, An Hoa


Participated In Operations Desert Shield And Desert Storm,

Southeast Asia, January – April 1991

Participated In Operation Sea Angel, Bangladesh, May 1991

Elements Participated In Operation Fiery Vigil, Philippines, June 1991

Participated In Fire-Fighting Efforts In The Western United States, July 1994

Deployed To Kuwait In Support Of Operation Enduring Freedom, January 2003

Participated In Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq , March – June 2003 / September 2004 – March 2005

Elements Participated In Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, September 2005 – March 2006