One Irvine

One Irvine is a neighborhood revitalization initiative that focuses resources in the City's older neighborhoods with the goal to spark community-led reinvestment. The program is designed to help upgrade Irvine’s aging neighborhoods with energy efficiency, electrification and other beneficial home modernization projects.

Environmentally conscious residents of Irvine can take advantage of many aspects of the One Irvine program, including:

  • Eligible homeowners have access to a up to $1,000 rebate for eligible projects and appliances such as heat pump water and space heating and cooling, electric vehicle chargers, induction cooktop stoves, solar energy and more.
  • Eligible homeowners will also have access to an up to $25,000 no-interest loan from the City to support larger home improvement projects.
  • The City has instituted a permit-fee holiday citywide, for single-family homes built in or prior to 1975, to incentive the modernization of our City’s oldest residential buildings.

This program will help transform Irvine’s aging infrastructure into efficient, cost-effective buildings powered by clean energy. One Irvine will launch mid- to late February. Learn more about the One Irvine initiative at