Switch is On

The City of Irvine is proud to partner with the State of California for the launch of Switch is On, a campaign that supports Californians throughout the journey of home electrification. Swapping out gas-powered appliances for electric appliances is one of the most effective and important actions you can do for a better energy future, and essential to help Irvine meet its ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Switch is On is the first campaign of its kind — not only in California, but in any other state and the U.S. as a whole. Irvine is proud to help lead the charge to go electric! Home electrification is integral to meeting our state’s emissions goals. When our appliances are connected to electricity instead of gas, we rely on an increasingly renewable energy supply. On a sunny day, California is powered by as much as 94% renewables and the majority of the state’s overall power mix is composed of non-fossil fuels. Electric appliances are also safer, more efficient, better performing, and can lead to more savings compared to their gas counterparts. 

As part of the Switch is On campaign, Irvine residents can meet with one-on-one advisors, find vetted contractors, access shortcuts to incentive programs and rebates, and learn about more ways you can support climate action efforts on a grassroots level. 

Visit switchison.org for more resources on going electric.