Special Event Permit Application

Special events are events that are outside the normal operations of an area, which may temporarily affect that general area with road closures, structures, amplified noise, animal expos, food and alcohol service and other services that would not normally be in place. Some examples of special events include carnivals, parades, festivals, car races, marathons, bike rides and 5K/10K races. These types of events, depending on the types of amenities/services provided, would require approvals through various City Department’s as well as outside agencies. (I.E. Temporary Structures would require approvals through Building and Safety as well as the Orange County Fire Authority; food service would require approvals through the Orange County Health Care Agency, etc.)

*The Irvine Municipal Code defines a "special event" as any temporary event not exceeding 30 days (except Christmas tree sales, which may endure for a period not to exceed 45 days), whether indoors or outdoors, or on improved or unimproved property, which is inconsistent with either the zone in which the subject property is located, the uses to which the property may legally be put, or the occupancy levels permitted thereon. "Special events" shall also refer to any activity that may result in the closure of any public streets, or any activities, which may temporarily require the installation of materials or devices using building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, flammable or similar materials. "Special events" may include, but are not limited to, certain outdoor, short-term events such as walkathons, marathon runs, cycling events, and sporting events, or any combination thereof.


For a minor special event, which would be an event consisting of less than 1,500 people and impact multiple departments, you are required to submit a special event permit application no less than 30 days prior to the event.

For a major special event, which would be an event consisting of more than 1,500 people and impact multiple departments, you are required to submit a special event permit application no less than 6 months prior to the event.

Effective July 1, 2023. Application Processing Fees will be as follows:

  • Special Event Permit Application Processing Fee – Non-Profit Organizations: $150.00
  • Special Event Permit Application Processing Fee - $300.00
  • Special Event Permit Application Expedited Fee - $500.00

*Please note of fees associated with a special event permit application. Those are generally associated with, but not limited to its submission, required inspections and business licensing.

For further information regarding Special Events, refer to the City’s Municipal Code
City of Irvine – Special Events – Municipal Codes

Below is the link for the special event permit application:
City of Irvine Special Event Application


*Please see below for various links to City Departments and Outside Agencies should your event include park/facility rentals, food service, structures, alcoholic beverages, road closures and amplified sound, which would require additional approvals.

City Department Links Outside Agency Links

City park/trail reservations

Alcohol Sales / Service approvals

County park/trail reservations

Orange County Fire Authority approvals 

Tents / Stages / Structures Requirements

Food Sales / Giveaways *public events

Regulatory Affairs / Business Licensing




Public Safety will evaluate the entire event including life safety and/or security issues. This usually includes a review of the safety and security plan, route plan, and communications plan. For the safety and security plan, we just need your plan to deal with emergencies, including medical aid calls and collisions. For your communications plan, it is essentially who is responsible for the event.


Special events are to be conducted so as not to cause any detrimental effects to surrounding properties and the community, and the special event permit application process ensures the event does not to violate any other ordinance or regulation of the City. The process also ensures the events are conducted in a manner that does not unduly impede, obstruct, impair or interfere with the free use of the public streets, sidewalks, or other public property of the City, and to ensure that there is a mechanism in place to regulate the competing use of public forums.


For any questions related to special events throughout the City and/or Great Park area, please contact the Great Park Sergeant at 949.724.6594.

For all other inquires and application submissions please email: specialevents@cityofirvine.org