Social Media & Email Tips

Social media is a powerful tool when searching for a job. Employers use social media to promote their business as well as advertise for positions. Employers also use social media to review applicants they consider hiring. Make sure your profile picture, pictures, and posts make a good impression.

Professional Email & Voicemail

Employers can call or email at any time after your application is submitted. Make sure your outgoing voicemail message is professional and welcoming by personalizing it with your own voice, using an upbeat and friendly tone. Make sure your outgoing message states your name and that you will return their call as soon as possible. Create a professional email address. (Use your real name, not a fun play on words and numbers.)

Email Etiquette

Emails are not texts. Emails should be written in a professional manner. Notice the structure of the email below, as well as how the email is ended (Jenny types her name and contact information.)


Dear Mr. Smith,
This is Jenny Irvine. I am seeking an opportunity to meet with you regarding summer employment. My resume was submitted online, along with my application. Should you need any further information such as references, I will gladly provide them. Thank you for your consideration.
Jenny Irvine