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City of Irvine partners with Stanbridge University Root for Change Initiative

IRVINE, Calif. (September 20, 2019): Today, the City of Irvine partnered with Stanbridge University for its first-ever tree-planting event in the Irvine. Eighty Stanbridge University volunteers planted more than 160 native trees and plants in the Bosque area of the Great Park Trails. Through numerous fellowship and partnership opportunities Stanbridge University students foster their classroom skills while meeting community needs.

For half a decade, one of Stanbridge University’s signature initiatives has been environmental rehabilitation. Now in direct response to the wildfire devastation in Southern California, Stanbridge University has begun planting 10,000 trees in locations across Southern California through the Stanbridge Root for Change Tree Planting Initiative. This initiative, which includes planting 1,500 trees in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, and now Irvine, started with more than 80 volunteers from Stanbridge University planting over 100 native plants at Eastbluff Park in the City of Newport Beach.

The newly opened Great Park Trails feature 1.5 miles of walking and biking space throughout the Upper Bee and Bosque area. These trails include decomposed granite pedestrian trails that are 4 feet to 6 feet wide, as well as an 11-foot-wide concrete multiuse trail and bike path. 

The Upper Bee and Bosque landscape serves to link residents and visitors to the dynamic and meaningful seasons of a Southern California native landscape. This local, restored landscape follows the natural cycle of Southern California native habitat. In winter and spring, its abundant growth includes a healthy burst of bird activity, insect life, and flowers in bloom. Following spring, our dry local summer slows plant growth, plants go to seed, and a brown and tan mosaic takes over the landscape and conserves natural resources while awaiting fall.

Shadetree Partnership Nursery has committed to providing native trees and plants at no cost for the entire initiative, in order to promote community growth through the planting and stewardship of shade trees in Southern California.

Stanbridge plans to plant 300 native plants in other local cities by the end of the year, and return to the City of Irvine in 2020.