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The City of Irvine offers more than 100 camps year round!

Spring Intersession: March 21-April 8

Spring Break: March 28-April 1

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     Spring Intersession
March 21-April 8

Spring Break
March 28-April 1

Chess Camp: Beginning & Advanced Beginning

iCamp Intersession-NCP (E-Form)

iCamp Intersession-UCP (E-Form)

iCamp Intersession-WBCP (E-Form)

Spring Intersession Teen Camp (E-Form)

Spring Intersession X-cursion Camp (E-Form)

Junior Tennis Camps-Coach Alex-CCP

Junior Tennis Camps-Coach Juan-UCP

Coming Soon - Registration will begin February 22:

Arts Camp Spring (E-Form)

Culinary Camp

Spring Volunteer Camp

iCamp Adventure-HPCC (E-Form)

iCamp Sports & Games -HPCC (E-Form)

Junior Tennis Camp-Coach Chris-HCP

Junior Tennis Camp-Coach Jimmy-DCP

Junior Tennis Camp-Coach Minako-LLCP

Junior Tennis Camp-Coach Ross-TRCP

Junior Tennis Camp-Coach Ruben-CBBCP

Play-Well Tek: Mine, Craft Build: Adventure Game with LEGO

Play-Well Tek: Mine, Craft, Build: Survival Games with LEGO

Skatedogs Skateboarding Spring Break Camp

Spring Camp at the Rock (E-Form)

Spring X-cursion Camp-HPCC (E-Form)

Spring Teen Camp

Trifytt Basketball Camp