Art at City Hall

Art at City Hall is an ongoing series of art exhibitions bringing artwork from local exhibiting artists to Irvine City Hall. Artwork on display has also often been featured at other City galleries including the Irvine Fine Arts Center and Orange County Great Park Gallery. Exhibitions focus on local artists of all age groups and include all media types. Exhibits will run seasonally with artwork on display on all floors of the Civic Center.

Art at City Hall: Suburban Ecologies

The latest exhibition opened Monday, April 26, and features local artist Jesse Colin Jackson. Jackson's exhibit, Suburban Ecologies, brings together three interlocking creative projects conceived in response to the natural and built environments in which he lives: the repeating architectures of the City of Irvine, the competing waterfronts of Orange County, and the topographic space defined by the City.

While City Hall remains closed to the public, those interested can view a video walkthrough of Suburban Ecologies from its previous run at the Great Park Gallery here.